2023 A New Year

As the old year fades away

I dream of a far off day

Where we all contain the humanity

To mend & change our ways

Let greed make way for charity

Let hate make way for understanding

And let these two wrongs to others disappear

And as the old year fades away

Let our world begin again anew, awake

A better place without malice
A better world without disease

This future time
This future place
All depends upon


~ R.M. Engelhardt ©


It’s going to be a great year of change, poetry, writing & events. My small press Dead Man’s Press Ink will be publishing new work by poets and hosting events such as our monthly poetry open mic INVOCATION OF THE MUSE POETRY OPEN MIC at Lark Hall here in Albany NY as well as a new non poetry event at the Fuzebox Nightclub called PROHIBITION 1923.

Also? I’m working on my next book!

Have a Happy New Year!

~ R.M. Engelhardt

2023 R.M. Engelhardt

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